UAE Ministry of Interior Announces Rules for National Day Celebrations

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Judith Mariya

Published on November 29, 2023, 08:46:12


UAE celebrates itsnbsp 52nd National Day Saturday December

The UAE celebrates its  52nd National Day on Saturday, December 2. As the country prepares for this special occasion, a festive three-day weekend from December 2 to December 4  welcomes residents and visitors alike.

In anticipation of the celebration, the UAE's Ministry of Interior (MOI) has outlined National Day regulations prioritising health and safety. The MOI recently shared on social media that these guidelines are aimed at fostering a lawful and respectful celebration. The guidelines shared by MOI, make sure that you can enjoy a fun-filled weekend with your family and loved ones. 

Follow these rules and stay out of trouble:

  • Avoid engaging in marches or random gatherings during the celebrations.
  • Refrain from using party sprays by motorists, passengers, or pedestrians.
  • Prohibited actions include tampering with car number plates and changing the vehicle's colour.
  • Avoid blackout or tinting of windshields.
  • Writing phrases or placing inappropriate stickers on vehicles is not allowed.
  • Ensure compliance with the permitted vehicle occupancy limit.
  • Avoid sticking your head out of windows or opening the sunroof while driving.
  • Vehicles should not have noise materials or unlicensed engine modifications that restrict visibility.
  • Motorists must not disrupt traffic flow or block roads for others.
  • Showy reckless driving is strictly prohibited on both internal and external roads.
  • Covering side windows, front, or rear windshields of vehicles with stickers or sunshades is illegal.
  • Raising flags of any country other than the UAE is not permitted.
  • Shop owners are restricted from displaying posters or flags unrelated to the UAE Union Day.

Failure to adhere to the guidelines can result in hefty fines and impoundment of the vehicle.

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