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UAE : Not Wearing Mask Or Shaking Hands Will Prove Costly For Govt Employees

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Covid Protocol Violation, UAE Laws, Penalty,  Ajman

Stepping up its efforts to observe Combat any further escalation of Covid cases, Ajman Government has announced that its employees will face salary deductions and other penalties for not adhering to Covid safety protocols. Not wearing a mask or even shaking hands with colleagues among other actions will lead a pay cut up to 10 days.

The Emirate’s human resources department’s latest circular has stated that any employee committing violations will be issued a written warning and a repeat violation would mean the deduction of a day’s salary (basic). The employees will be liable for cut in three days of basic pay for repeating the same for the third time.

Reporting to office despite being Covid positive or having symptoms will will result in the deduction of three days of basic pay. A repeat violation would cost the employee five days of basic pay; and a third offence would mean loss of 10 days of basic salary.

A supervisor or manager who does not ensure those reporting to him/her follow Covid safety protocols will be liable for a written warning. A repeat offence would cost one day of basic pay; and a third offence, three days of basic salary deduction.

An employee who fails to do so will have a day’s basic pay deducted. A repeat offence will cost him/her three days of pay; and a third-time offence, five-day pay cut. Not maintaining Green Pass on AlHosn will also meet the same fate. 

The UAE Law makers have tightened the Covid protocols in view of rising number of cases in the recent past and are taking all precautions to check its further spread.

Photo courtesy : Khaleej Times