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UAE President Announces AED 3 Billion For Housing Benefits For Emiratis of Abu Dhabi.

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Nahyan capacity Ruler Abu

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in his capacity as the Ruler of Abu Dhabi, has called for 3 billion Dirhams worth of housing benefits for the citizens of the emirate as of 2nd December 2022. This is the third financial benefits package of this year. It was announced as a part of the celebrations of the UAE’s 51st National Day.

Sheikh Zayed Housing Program scheme aims to help Emirati families by improving overall living standards while providing social security through housing benefits. It mainly focuses on improving conditions to ensure a better life for future generations. This scheme benefits more than 1900 Emirati beneficiaries who are located in Abu Dhabi. It has taken the total value of housing aid delivered in the year 2022 in UAE to approximately 7 Billion Dirhams.

 Emiratis must submit requests to the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure to obtain housing loans through this Program. This governmental initiative strives for providing housing assistance, financial lending, and utility housing. It also exempts the families of retired mortgage borrowers and retirees from repaying loans in Abu Dhabi.

 The application process for the Program requires certain conditions to be met –

  • One must be a UAE national to be eligible to qualify under the scheme. One should not have obtained any housing aid from a governmental entity.
  • It is also necessary to not have owned a house since 1999, or if the owned house is unsuitable for residing.
  • One’s income is a deficit to purchase a house or complete the construction of a house.

 There are separate provisions for women under this scheme. A local woman who falls under the following categories can apply for this scheme – 

  • Widows with children.
  • Children of divorced parents, whose father cannot afford an appropriate house.
  • Unmarried women 30 years and above who do not have parents or any breadwinner to assist them legally 
  • Women who are married to non-UAE citizens who cannot afford to provide for a suitable house.

 Further, the scheme is very accessible and can be applied through both online and offline methods. Applications can be made offline by visiting any of the Emirates Post Offices and made online by accessing the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme’s official website.

 This program is overseen by the Ministry of Community Development. It covers the financial and social aspects of development and is working on the betterment of society for its residents. It includes financial support for basic needs other than housing, such as electricity, fuel, etc. This new initiative by the President intends to provide for 13,000 housing resolutions between the years 2022 to 2026, costing a total of AED 11.5 billion, while striving to meet the future needs of Emirati citizens in the sectors of family stability, and socioeconomic stability.

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