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UAE proposes for new Federal Data Protection Law

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on December 12, 2023, 12:50:02


UAE proposes for new Federal Data Protection Law

UAE announced a plan of new federal data protection law (“UAE Data Law”). It is the first-ever comprehensive data privacy and protection law to be issued. The new law forms part of the UAE’s “Projects of the 50”.

The UAE Data Law was developed in consultation with major technology companies. It might also provide security for the purposes of data transfers from other regulated jurisdictions, including the DIFC and ADGM.The Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, has mentioned that “every single data law on the planet” was considered when drafting the new legislation. The new law aims to be a “global law” that will provide international companies with a clear mechanism for cross-border transfers, as well as have a low cost of compliance for SMEs.

The Law is likely to be issued before the end of November 2021, prior to the country’s 50th anniversary. The UAE Data Law is not intended to apply data of privacy and protection related to government data or health data.This will be dealt with by separate new or revised legal power.

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