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UAE Public Prosecution announces punishment for organized begging

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Since beginning Ramadan Dubai Police arrested beggars

Since the beginning of Ramadan, Dubai Police have arrested over 67 beggars. The arrests were part of the Police’s anti-begging campaign.

On questioning, the beggars who have been arrested have reportedly confessed that they were brought to the UAE by travel agencies, which then hired them to beg for money in exchange for a monthly salary.

Colonel Ali Salem Al Shamsi, director of the Infiltration Control Department at the General Department of Criminal Investigations, said begging can harm a nation's reputation and pose a threat to the safety and security of individuals and property. It is often associated with various forms of criminal activity, ranging from petty theft and robbery to the exploitation of vulnerable individuals such as children, the sick, and people of determination.

He has informed the Police to report beggars through the "Police Eye" app or the contact center 901.

The police have enforced initiatives to prevent crimes ahead of Ramadan.

The UAE Public Prosecution has outlined the consequences of engaging in organized begging. It is important to note that anyone who is found to be directing a group of two or more individuals in acts of organized begging will face a maximum prison sentence of six months.

Through the social media handle, the UAE Public Prosecution has provided details on the penalties associated with participating in organized begging. Those who oversee a group of two or more individuals engaged in organized begging will face a maximum prison sentence of six months and a penalty of not more than AED 100,000.

The Public Prosecution has made it clear that the same punishment will be applied to those who traffic people into the country to engage in organized begging. By spreading these messages, the Prosecution is trying to promote legal awareness among the public and educate them on the latest laws in the country.

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