Who Will Get it? UAE Raffle Draw Operators Eyeing for Licence to Operate National Lottery

As UAE mulls regulatory changes, stakeholders await introduction of new gaming products

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Published on April 4, 2024, 12:50:23


wake recent developments including temporary halting operations raffle draw

In the wake of recent developments, including the temporary halting of operations by raffle draw operators such as Big Ticket, Emirates Draw and Mahzooz, speculation arises regarding the emergence of new gaming products in the UAE market.

While all three companies have attributed the pause to regulatory compliance, the exact timeline for the resumption of their activities remains unspecified. Here's an overview of the situation and what we might expect moving forward.

Big Ticket cites compliance with new directives from the Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA) as the reason behind their temporary halt, aligning it with applicable gaming regulations.

Similarly, Mahzooz and Emirates Draw suggest an industry-wide mandate in line with regulatory efforts to ensure a well-regulated gaming environment in the UAE.

Potential for a National Lottery

Speculation is rife about the possibility of a national lottery being introduced in the UAE, with indications suggesting that a licence to operate such a lottery could be awarded to a raffle draw operator in the country.

Exploring Alternatives

While Mahzooz and Emirates Draw are exploring various options for future endeavours, specific plans have yet to be finalised by either company.

Big Ticket's Upcoming Draws

Despite the pause in operations, Big Ticket assures that scheduled draws, including a grand prize of Dh10 million, will proceed as planned. However, ticket sales have been temporarily suspended from April 1 until further notice.

Impact on Customers

Affected customers can expect temporary closures of physical stores, temporary suspension of certain digital platform functionalities, and the option to withdraw remaining account balances.

While Big Ticket customers' accounts will not remain active during the pause, Mahzooz and Emirates Draw reassure customers that existing accounts will remain active, with balances secured until operations resume.

Resumption of Draws

While specifics regarding the resumption of draws remain unclear, Big Ticket emphasises adherence to regulatory guidelines, Mahzooz expresses optimism for a swift return to operations, and Emirates Draw promises detailed information through official channels at the appropriate time.

Understanding the GCGRA

The establishment of the Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA) in September signifies a concerted effort to introduce a regulatory framework for gaming activities in the UAE.

Tasked with fostering a socially responsible gaming environment, the authority aims to ensure compliance with strict guidelines and promote the economic potential of commercial gaming while upholding the highest standards.

As the UAE navigates regulatory changes and the potential introduction of new gaming products, stakeholders await further developments with anticipation.

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