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UAE's Allure: Why Expats Flock to the Land of Dreams and Aspirations?

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Judith Mariya

Published on February 7, 2024, 11:14:25


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The United Arab Emirates, once a desert nation yearning for progress, has solidified its position as a global magnet for expatriates, travellers, and investors.
This news compilation reveals several recent developments, showcasing the UAE's continuous efforts to attract and retain talent, facilitate seamless travel, and provide diverse opportunities for individuals from all walks of life.

The UAE has become a home for many who initially arrived in search of jobs and are now settled with their families. The country has emerged as the top destination for international talent seeking employment visas, surpassing over 150 countries in the Deel Global Hiring Report, which analyses insights from 300,000 contracts worldwide.

What is the one thing that attracts millions of expats from around the world? It's not just the investors; people from all backgrounds are drawn to this country, whether it's the job market, the relaxed visa regulations, or simply the sense of belonging.
The UAE has implemented various schemes to enhance the experience for citizens and expats visiting or relocating to the country.

No Minimum Down Payment Requirement for Property Owners Seeking Golden Visa

Property buyers in Dubai no longer need to fulfill a minimum down payment of Dh1 million to qualify for the Golden Visa, as the government has relaxed criteria for real estate investors. For properties exceeding Dh2 million in value, owners opting for a payment plan or mortgage are now eligible to apply for the long-term visa. The 10-year residency can be sought by the owner, regardless of the upfront payment amount.

Emirates Introduces Pre-Approved Visa-On-Arrival for Select Indian Travellers

Emirates Airlines has introduced a pre-approved visa-on-arrival service for select Indian passport holders. This option is accessible to qualifying individuals who have made travel arrangements with the airline.
Issued as a 14-day single-entry visa, this initiative allows Emirates customers to expedite their entry process upon arrival in Dubai.

The Dubai Visa Processing Centre (DVPC), designated by Emirates Airlines for UAE visa processing, handles the application process. The visa can be extended for an additional 14 days by paying Dh250.
For eligibility, Indian nationals with a regular passport valid for a minimum of six months can avail of the visa-on-arrival service in the UAE. Additionally, these Indian passport holders are required to possess a valid US visa or green card, or EU or UK residency with a minimum validity of six months.

Three-month Permit for Visiting Medics

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has introduced a three-month 'permit to practice' for visiting medical professionals, as revealed during the Arab Health Congress 2024. This initiative is designed to proactively enhance the local healthcare sector's capability in managing emergencies, disasters, and crises.
The temporary permit aims to create a flexible working environment for medical professionals visiting Dubai, addressing the demand for healthcare professionals in the emirate.

Enjoy the Perfect Vacation

Are you planning affordable yet international trips? Consider visiting these seven visa-free countries from the UAE. These destinations are perfect for your next trip with family and friends.
Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Maldives, Kenya, Seychelles and Nepal offer visa on arrival for UAE residents.

Citizens Travelling to the UK Do Not Require a Pre-Entry Visa

Starting on February 1, UAE citizens intending to visit the UK will no longer be required to obtain a pre-entry visa. The UAE Embassy in London announced that they can now avail themselves of the 'Electronic Travel Authorisation' (ETA) scheme.
Emiratis wishing to travel to the UK can submit their applications through the 'UK ETA' app or on the official GOV.UK website starting February 1. This entry permit, priced at £10, grants unlimited two-year travel.

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