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UAE Thwarts Cyberattacks Attempted by Terrorist Outfits

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on February 10, 2024, 13:15:39


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UAE Cyber Security Council has confirmed the successful defense of national cyber systems against cyberattacks carried out by terrorist organisations, targeting various vital and strategic sectors within the country. Activation of nationwide cyber emergency systems in collaboration with relevant authorities ensured a prompt response.

These systems effectively repelled terrorist cyberattacks, demonstrating professional and proactive measures to safeguard the country's security and capabilities. Identified terrorist organisations and their cyberattack locations were swiftly dealt with in line with established protection systems and cybersecurity protocols.

Continuing efforts focus on strengthening the country's digital ecosystem, aligning with global best practices and standards. The UAE boasts a highly resilient digital infrastructure adept at handling diverse cyber threats.

The Council urges both governmental and private entities, as well as individuals, to exercise vigilance against potential cyberattacks. Heightened awareness of evolving hacking techniques and electronic fraud tools is essential to mitigate potential harm and breaches.

Emphasis is placed on safeguarding personal data by avoiding sharing information through unverified links or messages, utilizing official communication channels, exercising caution with emails, and confirming link legitimacy before accessing.

Furthermore, vital sectors are urged to actively mitigate cyber threats through the swift deployment of robust protection systems, strict adherence to cybersecurity policies, and timely reporting of suspicious electronic activities to designated.

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