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UAE: Types Of Rental Disputes You May Experience

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Rental disputes common among landlords tenants reason

Rental disputes are common among landlords and tenants. The reason for this disagreement varies in each case. Though most cases are solved peacefully between both parties, at times matters are being turned to the judiciary.

When either party breaches the contract during the tenancy, the relationship between the landlord and tenant gets tainted.

The rental issues involving property located in the Emirate or its free zones, including counterclaims and requests for interim or urgent action from either party to the lease, must be settled by the Rental Dispute Settlement Centre (RDC).

Although there are numerous causes for disputes between landlords and tenants, the following are the most frequent ones.

Disputes over increase or decrease in rent

The common reason for rental conflicts is the increase or decrease in rent. A lot of landlords believe they have the right to increase the rent without providing tenants with proper notice at lease renewal time.

The landlord has the right to raise the rent if the current rent value is less than the average rent value of similar units in the area. However, the tenant has the right to know about the increase at least three months before the tenancy agreement expires. The same applies if a tenant requests a lower monthly rental payment.

Three months before the lease expiration, the tenant has the option of negotiating with the landlord to get the rent decreased for a valid reason. Without doing so, the disagreement can lead to a rental dispute.

Conflicts over repairs and maintenance

Landlords and tenants are often not on the same page when it comes to the maintenance of the rental property.

Under the terms and circumstances of the tenancy, the landlord shall perform all material maintenance duties.

However, minor repairs and ongoing maintenance must be handled by tenants.

One way to prevent such problems is to specify the expenses of repairs that will be borne by tenants and landlords.

There is always a chance that a rental disagreement will arise whenever repairs or maintenance are needed.

Tenant Insurance

The landlord is allowed by law to provide the tenant with insurance to cover the maintenance of the property until the conclusion of the rental agreement. The landlord is required to reimburse the tenant for any unused insurance.

Except for the expenses incurred from daily use or for reasons beyond the tenant's control, the tenant is required to deliver the property to the landlord at the end of the lease period in the same condition that was received at the beginning of the contract.

Although it is against the law for landlords to do so, cutting off services to the property can lead to disputes with tenants.

Disputes regarding the final settlement

Landlords and tenants are likely to argue about the final payment at the end of rental agreements.

Tenants demand a complete retrieval of the security deposit, while landlords desire to keep the greatest amount to restore their buildings.

Further disputes involve the damage to property, the return of security deposits, and the upkeep and repair of facilities.

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