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UAE Updates Laws To Promote Traditional Hunting Without Wildlife Imbalance

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Wildlife Hunting Laws

The UAE has updated its wildlife hunting laws to promote traditional hunting methods while taking into account, the sustainable development and protection of various species.

The objective is to sustain ancient Arab hunting tradition and its values while following legal environmental frameworks and expand investment opportunities for sustainable development.

The Emirate's Environment Agency is in charge of enforcing the legislation, will issue guidelines for hunting using traditional methods outside of the Agency's designated hunting areas. This entails prohibition of hunting within protected areas, rangelands or near restricted areas.

The alterations to Abu Dhabi Executive Council Decision No. 69/2015 issuing the Implementing Regulations to Abu Dhabi Law No. 22/2005 regarding the regulation of hunting in the Emirate by Abu Dhabi Executive Council Decision No. 5/2021 are intended to assist the hunting sector in preserving traditional hunting in the Emirate.

Hunting permits will include the terms and conditions for hunting permissions. Which include licence holder's information, hunting seasons and areas, and the species licenced for hunting. Only Houbara birds will be eligible for hunting at present, according to the order.

The Species Conservation Fee will be waived for all hunters and operators. Hunting with falcons that have been licenced and registered with the Climate Change and Environment Ministry is permitted.

Traditional hunting is also limited to open areas. The conditions attached to hunting permits must be met, and they are only valid for one season. Licenses being issued will be valid until February 28, 2022.

Causing harm and Hunting wild animals and driving vehicles over and causing vegetation damage will be prohibited. Transferring a hunting permit to another person is also restricted under the law. Hunters will be required to carry their permit and produce it when asked for it. To obtain the permit, one must be a UAE citizen above 18 years.