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UAE Will Be Bigger and Better Next Year: Moossa M Alavi

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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Welcoming 2022 With Hope

By Srinivasan Nandagopal

The far sighted leadership, proactive laws and business friendly atmosphere makes the United Arab Emirates one of the most chosen destination for businessmen and professionals from the world over. While the rest of the world got almost devastated during the pandemic, UAE maintained its stability despite all odds. The next year is expected to boom in every manner is what the business leaders predict.
In a virtual interview with The Law Reporters, Moossa M Alavi, Serial Entrepreneur said that the business community was overwhelmed by the array of progressive measures implemented by the Federal Government which will only further boost the economy in the time to come. Mr. Alavi who is the Business Development Director at Altamyz Advertising LLC and an active leader of BNI Dubai, is superlatively optimistic that UAE will grow exponentially after a staggered growth in the past couple of years due to the pandemic. 

Excerpts from the interview of Moossa M Alavi with The Law Reporters:

The Law Reporters : Looking back for almost two years, how do you assess the present scenario?
Moosa M Alavi :  The UAE Govt. has once again proved that it is capable of handling any crisis. As a business owner, I'm glad that I'm doing my business in the UAE. I congratulate all the UAE leaders for their tireless efforts in ensuring the UAE stays being the most business friendly country in the world.

TLR : With a string of people friendly measures and Legal provisions accorded by the rulers of UAE, how do you see the growth prospects in the economy as we enter into the new year.
MMA : I'm sure the UAE will be bigger and better next year as all sectors have assumed full functionality. I can already see the growth happening everywhere.

TLR : With the global focus on UAE which is at its Golden Year, what is in-store in 2022?
MMA : With 2022 holding the second-half of Expo, I remain optimistic and certain that it will propel the new year into an year that will be unlike any other and hopefully a complete rewind back to normal.

TLR : Your message to the general populous.
MMA : UAE is the land of opportunities, so be optimistic and keep pushing forward with a smile, and hopefully 2022 will be your special year!