Ukrainian Woman Sentenced to Jail for Assaulting Police Officer in Bar

The judge also ordered her deportation following the completion of her sentence

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Published on June 14, 2024, 14:00:42


woman convicted for physical asssault

A 21-year-old woman has been convicted of physical assault after punching a police officer who attempted to arrest her intoxicated male companion.

Records from the Dubai Criminal Court show that the incident occurred on January 1. The couple involved – a Russian man and a Ukrainian woman – were reportedly both under the influence of alcohol. They had been at a dance club in Jumeirah Beach Residence and tried to re-enter the premises against the club's rules.

Despite being asked to leave by security guards, they persisted.
A police officer, noticing the commotion, approached them, identified himself, and asked the couple to leave quietly in accordance with the club’s regulations.

In court, the officer described how the couple initially argued and delayed their departure. “As they were walking away, the Russian man insulted me with profanity,” the officer stated. When the man was asked to go to the police station, he fled the scene.

During the chase, the Ukrainian woman intervened by striking the officer on the left side of his face to prevent her friend’s arrest. The club’s head of security supported this account, confirming both the woman’s assault and the man’s verbal insult.

The woman was also taken into custody. In court, both individuals denied the charges – the man disputed the insult charge, and the woman denied the assault. They presented a document indicating that the officer had waived his rights in the case against them.

Despite their defence, the court found the woman guilty of physically assaulting a police officer and sentenced her to three months in prison, accounting for time already served. Additionally, the judge ordered her deportation following the completion of her sentence.

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