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Unlock Opportunities in Dubai: Learn How to Secure a Golden Visa as a Student

Students or graduates who excel in academics can apply to avail this visa

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Published on April 29, 2024, 09:43:29


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Are you a recent graduate seeking to pave your own path in the UAE? The Golden Visa, an esteemed long-term residence permit, offers a gateway to a 5 or 10-year stay in the country, contingent on your academic prowess.

Outstanding students or recent graduates can seize this chance to apply for the Golden Visa.


University graduates

*Aspiring applicants must initiate their Golden Visa application within the same emirate where their current visa was issued.
* University Graduates: Exceptional graduates from UAE-based universities.
* Outstanding Graduates of Foreign Universities: Remarkable students studying abroad.

High School Students: Eligible for a 5-year Golden Visa.
The duration of the Golden Visa is initially 5 years but may be extended for students enrolled in majors or colleges necessitating a study period exceeding 5 years.

University Classification

Prospective applicants can ascertain their university's classification via the university's website or by contacting their administrative department.
The university's classification profoundly impacts the documentation requirements. He emphasized that applications through Amer are contingent upon the educational institution's governing authority.

How to Apply?

To expedite the process, students are advised to first secure ICP nomination approval before visiting an Amer centre. Obtaining UAE ICP nomination approval prior to visiting Amer or utilising the GDRFA platform can streamline and expedite the application process.

While a GPA (grade point average) threshold of 3.8 is typically required, certain universities in the UAE are exempt from this benchmark, allowing graduates with a GPA of 3.5 to apply for the Golden Visa if they secure a nomination from ICP.

How to Begin?

To initiate your Golden Visa application in Dubai, visit icp.com. Follow these steps:

  • Scroll to the left side menu and click on “Golden Visa” under Services.
  • Click on “Start Service” under “High School Students/College Students.”
  • Navigate to “Visa – Golden Residence – Nomination Request for Golden Residence – New Request” and click on “Start Service.”
  • Complete the application form, attach the necessary documents, and pay the application fees.
  • Upon receiving ICP approval for the nomination request, head to your nearest Amer service center with the required documents. Alternatively, you can apply through the GDRFA website, smart application, or Customer Happiness Centres.

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