Was Your Staycation Deposit in Dubai Scammed? Here's How to Get It Back Fast

A Comprehensive Guide to Reclaiming Your Staycation Deposit

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Published on July 8, 2024, 18:45:14


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In the bustling city of Dubai, staycations have become increasingly popular, offering residents a chance to unwind without leaving the emirate.

However, disputes can arise, particularly when it comes to recovering deposits paid for these local getaways. Understanding the process to reclaim these funds is crucial for ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how residents can claim their money deposited for a staycation with local hotels.

Understanding Your Rights

Residents must first be aware of their rights when booking a staycation. Typically, hotels require a deposit to secure the booking, which is often refundable under certain conditions.

The key is to be familiar with the terms and conditions outlined at the time of booking. These terms detail the circumstances under which a refund is applicable, such as cancellations made within a specified period.

Steps to Claim Your Deposit

Review the Booking Terms and Conditions: Before initiating any claim, carefully review the terms and conditions provided by the hotel at the time of booking.

This document will outline the hotel’s policy on cancellations and refunds. Knowing these details will help in understanding your eligibility for a refund.

Contact the Hotel Directly: The first step in claiming your deposit is to contact the hotel directly. This can be done via email or phone.

Ensure that you have your booking reference number and any related documentation on hand. Clearly state your request for a refund and provide reasons for the cancellation if applicable.

Provide Necessary Documentation:
  Hotels may require specific documents to process your refund.

This can include your booking confirmation, proof of payment, and any correspondence related to the booking. Ensure that you provide all requested documents promptly to avoid delays.

Follow Up: If the hotel does not respond within a reasonable timeframe, follow up with them. Persistence is key.

Keep records of all communications, including dates and times of calls or emails. This documentation can be useful if you need to escalate the matter.

Escalate the Issue if Necessary: If direct communication with the hotel does not resolve the issue, consider escalating the matter.

You can file a complaint with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) in Dubai. The DTCM oversees hotel operations and can mediate disputes between hotels and guests.

Seek Legal Advice: As a last resort, if the hotel still refuses to refund your deposit despite following the above steps, you may seek legal advice.

Consulting a lawyer who specialises in consumer rights or contract law can provide guidance on further action, including potential legal proceedings. The lawyer can send a legal notice and further proceed by filing the case in Dubai court and your complete legal expenses can be reimbursed back from the hotel.

Legal Framework

According to the UAE Civil Transactions Law, Article 141 outlines that a contract is formed through mutual agreement on essential elements and legitimate conditions. If these elements are met and disputes arise, a judge can decide on the details.

Article 246(1) emphasises that contracts must be implemented in good faith according to their provisions. If one party fails to fulfil its obligations, the other party can demand compliance or approach the courts for enforcement, as stated in Article 272.

This allows for either the performance or rescission of the contract, potentially with damages.


Claiming a deposit for a staycation in Dubai can be straightforward if you follow the proper steps and understand your rights.

By reviewing booking terms, communicating effectively with the hotel, and knowing when to escalate the issue, residents can ensure they recover their funds efficiently.


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