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whether new drivers can rent a car in the UAE: The insurance policy of a car rental company.

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Kontheti Subramanya Sai Lakshmi Anuhya

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Receiving driving license exciting process newfound freedom towards independence

Receiving a driving license is an exciting process and a newfound freedom towards independence and responsibility. However, being a driver with a new driver's license, one's options for buying may be limited. So, most individuals prefer renting. The most important reason for having car insurance on an individual's rental car is peace of mind. 

When a person books their rental car, it is essential to determine precisely what type of insurance is included and how extensive the coverage will be. In recent years, car renting has become a significant sector in the UAE. In general, Dubai residents choose to rent cars rather than purchase them. The explanation is straightforward: they get the opportunity to experience the advantages of improved and new automobile models through this means. Many organizations in Dubai are investing in the car rental industry, so renting a car in Dubai is easy.

However, before anyone hires a car in Dubai, they must be aware of the following restrictions; otherwise, they may risk getting into problems or incurring a significant fee. 

First, one must determine the geographical limits within which the vehicle may be driven. Outside of the UAE, it is completely forbidden to operate a rented car. One cannot drive a hired vehicle beyond the United Arab Emirates border. However, certain rental companies with locations in neighbouring countries, such as Oman and Saudi Arabia, do offer insurance coverage from the UAE. 

Second, the insurance coverage will not cover a lost or damaged vehicle. Consequently, before concluding a transaction, it is prudent to confirm what the company's insurance policy covers. The minimum age to hire a car in Dubai is 21, and the individual's driver's license must be at least six months old. They must hold a valid driver's license to rent a car in the UAE. If they hold an international driver's license or a license from one of the qualified nations, then they do not need a UAE driver's license to drive on UAE roads. If the individual is driving a leased vehicle in the UAE and is involved in an accident, then the concerned must contact the police. Even if they were not at fault for the accident, the rental company might charge the renter for the loss. If a vehicle malfunctions or is damaged, the renter must call the rental company immediately; otherwise, the individual may be charged for the damage. 

Additionally, if the renter of the vehicle incurs a traffic fine, the rental agency will deduct it from the security deposit. The principle of most automobile rental agencies is that one must pay security deposits and other expenses in advance. Paying using a credit card is recommended then the bank can safeguard the individual from unauthorized transactions. Before hiring a car in Dubai, the individual must carefully study the company's policies. One must visit the websites of various companies to compare different deals. Check the company's daily or weekly pricing for several vehicle models. 

Lastly, before renting a car in the UAE, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the regulations, terms, and conditions of car rental in Dubai to avoid unexpected situations. The documentation required to hire a car in the United Arab Emirates varies between residents and visitors. For instance, automobile rental agencies in Dubai often need locals to provide copies of their passport, residence visa, valid UAE driver's license, and Emirates ID.

For automobile rental in Dubai, tourists must provide the following documents: 

  • Original passport. 
  • Original visitor visa.
  •  Original international driver's license.
  •  Original driver's license from their native country 

Expats renting a car in Dubai can drive on the city's roads with driving licenses issued in their home countries. 


Dubai car rental fees are dependent on the rental period. Most rental companies in the city charge the total price for monthly, weekly, and annual agreements, with the yearly variation being long-term vehicle rentals in Dubai. Rental car businesses block a deposit on credit cards, generally AED 1,500, to cover traffic penalties or damaged automobiles. The money is returned within a few days if the consumer does not incur any penalties or damage to the car.

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