Woman Receives 6-Month Prison Sentence for Stabbing Boyfriend During Dispute Over Phone

The incident occurred on August 20, 2022 at their shared apartment in Al Muraqqabat area

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Published on June 28, 2024, 11:56:52


woman recives 6 month sentence


A woman, who stabbed her boyfriend three times after he refused to hand over his mobile phone so she could check his chats, has been sentenced to six months in prison.

The incident occurred on August 20, 2022 at their shared apartment in Dubai’s Al Muraqqabat area. According to the Dubai court verdict, the Thai national and the Arab victim were in a romantic relationship and frequently faced conflicts. On the day of the incident, she saw her boyfriend in the kitchen, engaged in a voice chat with another woman.

When she questioned him about the call, he did not respond, prompting her to demand his phone. After his refusal, she attempted to seize the mobile phone by force but was unsuccessful. At that point, her boyfriend struck her on her left eyebrow.

The woman then grabbed a kitchen knife and warned her boyfriend that she would stab him if he hit her again. As he tried to disarm her, she stabbed him three times.

Her boyfriend managed to leave the kitchen but collapsed in the bathroom, bleeding from his chest. Overcome with fear upon seeing the blood, she called the police and reported the incident, seeking medical help for him.

Emergency services arrived, and the man was taken to Rashid Hospital, where he was treated for three stab wounds -- two to his chest and one to his left forearm.

The forensic report confirmed that the man sustained three stab wounds, including a deep, life-threatening chest wound that caused significant internal bleeding and required extensive medical treatment.

During the prosecution investigation, the woman admitted to an attempted murder charge and explained that she did not intend to kill him but only wanted to protect herself after he assaulted her. She repeated the same explanation to the judges.

In light of the evidence, the court concluded that the woman’s actions constituted intentional bodily harm rather than attempted murder.

The court noted that she ceased her assault after the initial stabbing and sought help for the victim, indicating a lack of intent to kill. Consequently, she was found guilty of assault, not attempted murder, and sentenced to six months in prison. The woman will be deported after serving her sentence.

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