Woman Sentenced to Jail for Blackmailing Upon Learning Boyfriend's Marriage Status

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Published on March 19, 2024, 12:42:09


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A 45-year-old beautician has been sentenced to three months in jail by the Dubai Criminal Court for threatening to tarnish a man's reputation unless he paid her Dh1 million.

The court also ruled for her deportation after serving her prison term. The case, heard last Wednesday, involved the Polish defendant using sensitive personal information to extort money from a 57-year-old Australian consultant, with whom she had an intimate relationship.

The relationship soured when the woman discovered the man was married, leading to a confrontation and demanding compensation. Despite the man paying Dh300,000 to keep the affair hidden from his family, the woman persisted in her threats.

Court records reveal that the couple met in September 2022 and separated in March 2023, with the woman initiating a series of disrespectful messages one month after the breakup.

The woman further threatened to defame the man if he didn't pay her Dh1 million, even sending intimate photographs of the couple to his wife, children, and other family members.

The man reported her to the police in May last year, leading to criminal proceedings and a civil case demanding temporary compensation of Dh51,000 for emotional damages.

The Criminal Court convicted the woman, sentenced her to three months in prison, and ordered her deportation, with the civil case referred to the Civil Court for further action.

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