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World Police Summit: Providing Insights On Innovative Policing Techniques

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Dubai police department host World Police Summit

The Dubai police department will host the World Police Summit from March 7-9 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE. It highlights the outstanding advancements the department has made in this area and exhibits the direction the law enforcement organization wants to take in its future endeavors.

The Dubai Police is taking initiatives to improve and upgrade its technical equipment and strategies to achieve better and more effective policing.

World’s leading law enforcement agencies like Interpol, Europol, International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) among others will attend the summit. The event will catalyse new efforts of cooperation and collaboration amongst various agencies to target and dismantle systemic crimes at an international level using modern analytical and societal dynamics. More than 100 countries and 15,000 visitors would attend the event, marking it as one of the largest and most successful transnational policing platforms. 

Major General Dr. Abdul Qudous Abdul Razzaq Al-Obaidli, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Excellence and Pioneering Affairs at Dubai Police, confirms the importance and success of the summit. He further adds that the World Police Summit 2023 will provide an opportunity to develop worldwide police and security work systems, utilise new technologies to combat crimes, and develop police human cadres. 

The Dubai Police Scientists Council will host the Experts Hub, an interactive platform for experts to network and a channel to connect students with experts in the field of security and policing.

The summit also acts as a basis for leading security and policing firms and industries to showcase their newest innovations and market their technologies to the largest law enforcement agencies in the world at once. The exhibition will be categorized into six fragments- future of policing, forensics, mobility, anti-narcotics, artificial intelligence, security, and surveillance.

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