You Can’t Lie: Brain Scanners to Help Police in Determining Suspect’s Honesty

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Published on March 8, 2024, 09:33:51


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A brain scanner capable of discerning whether a suspect was present at a crime scene is set to be employed by law enforcement in the UAE.

Unveiled at the World Police Summit (WPS) in Dubai, the device features a headset furnished with electrodes for monitoring brain activity, along with attached wires and clips that secure to a person’s ears. This headset incorporates various markers to be assessed.

According to a spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, "it surpasses the functionality of a polygraph machine.” The polygraph machine measures a person’s blood pressure, pulse and other physiological factors, many of which can be controlled by someone who can lie easily. However, brain activity is not something that can be as easily controlled.

The device will be affixed to a suspect's head, who will then be exposed to several photographs from a crime scene. Variations in brain activity will indicate familiarity or unfamiliarity with the images, providing insight into the individual's involvement.

Upon completion of the brain activity analysis, the headset will generate a comprehensive report detailing the neural responses to each photograph and their implications regarding the suspect's culpability.

Also showcased at the event was a smart police cap equipped with a focus-monitoring sensor. Connected to an application, this cap allows officers to gauge and enhance their focus levels through periodic tests. The innovation aims to mitigate accidents resulting from lapses in officers' concentration during duty.

Developed in Abu Dhabi, the cap is pending patent approval and is poised for trial deployment across police forces in the UAE.

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