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Are You an E-Scooter Rider? Follow These Rules for a Safe Journey

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Judith Mariya

Published on March 4, 2024, 16:36:39


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Dubai authorities have introduced a comprehensive set of guidelines aimed at promoting responsible riding and reducing accidents.

Outlined by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), these guidelines encompass various safety stipulations that E-scooter users must adhere to while navigating Dubai's streets and pathways.

To ensure passenger safety, the RTA has banned E-scooters from Dubai Metro and Tram.

Age Requirement: Users must be at least sixteen (16) years old to operate an E-scooter.

Protective Gear: Wearing a protective helmet, appropriate gear, and shoes is mandatory.

Parking:E-scooters must be parked in designated areas to avoid obstructing pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Consideration for Others: Users should maintain a safe distance between e-scooters, bikes, and pedestrians and avoid blocking pathways.

No Passengers: It is prohibited to carry passengers on E-scooters.

Traffic Regulations: Adherence to traffic instructions, regulations and warning signs is essential.

Safety Checks: Regular checks of the E-scooter's technical specifications, lights, horns, tires, and brakes are necessary.

Manufacturing Standards: E-scooters must comply with climatic conditions and specifications approved by relevant authorities.

Speed Limit: The maximum speed limit for E-scooters is set at 20 km/h.

Additionally, users are required to inform competent authorities in the event of any accidents, regardless of whether damage to others occurred.
E-scooter riders are urged to practice caution and avoid reckless behaviour that could endanger public safety.

These safety guidelines underscore the commitment of Dubai authorities to promoting responsible E-scooter usage and ensuring the well-being of both riders and pedestrians. The RTA reserves the right to introduce further stipulations as deemed necessary in the future.

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