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Dubai to Consolidate Remote Court Hearings and Inquiries into a Single Digital Platform

New platform promises quicker processing times and a more effective justice system

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on May 9, 2024, 16:46:22


Dubai, court hearings, justice system, remote court hearings, public prosecution, e&, virtual litigation

Dubai is currently developing a centralised digital platform that will streamline remote investigations and court hearings, promising quicker processing times and a more effective justice system.

This pioneering project, announced on Thursday as the Dubai Public Prosecution (DPP) partnered with tech solutions provider e& Enterprise, is set to be completed by 2026.

The innovative platform will provide a unified system for investigations and litigation accessible remotely. Managed by the DPP, this central hub will be interconnected with key government entities such as the Dubai Courts, Dubai Police and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

During investigations, the platform will coordinate appointments scheduled by prosecutors and communicate with all relevant parties. For court proceedings, it will schedule sessions and inform the police, judges, and prosecutors, providing an external link to other involved parties.

Dr Ali Humaid bin Khatam, senior advocate general and head of the Remote Investigation and Litigation System Project Team, described the platform's functionality, emphasising the establishment of state-of-the-art investigation rooms and operational rooms equipped with cutting-edge technologies.

Key features of the system include centralised storage, archiving capabilities, the ability to schedule remote interviews and reserve spaces in various locations and improved communication among prosecutors, lawyers, translators, witnesses and other involved parties while maintaining strict confidentiality and privacy standards.

The initiative aims to enhance the efficiency of investigation and litigation processes, focusing on speed, accuracy and integrity in delivering justice in the emirate.

It will also ensure operational resilience during crises, according to Dr Ali Humaid. Salvador Anglada, CEO of e& Enterprise, expressed their commitment to leveraging innovative technology to equip the platform with state-of-the-art capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency, accessibility and service quality.

This collaborative effort represents a significant step towards realising a more accessible, efficient and progressive legal system in an interconnected and rapidly evolving world.

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