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Looking For Work In The UAE? First Ensure That You’re Not Being Scammed, Here’s How:

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


UAE in 2022, world's most attractive destinations,  tourism, business  Dubai tourism

The UAE in 2022 remains one of the world's most attractive destinations when it comes to tourism or business, millions of people travel in and out looking for work or even just a relaxing getaway and the UAE government has done a tremendous job in catering to the demands of this populace, yet work remains.


As per the 2021 trafficking in-person report by the US department of state (linked here), the UAE remains a tier 2 nation in combatting human trafficking including fraudulent employment meaning it does not yet meet all the conditions set by the TVPA act of 2000. the UAE government has come further leaps and bounds within the last decade but the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down, if not completely, halted progress on that front. Additionally, occurrences of Visa fraud are commonplace even today.


Do not worry if you are planning to work in the UAE and do not want to lose a lot of money or get into more than one kind of trouble. Below are the listed important steps one must take to ensure his or her safety when looking to work within the UAE as a foreigner.


  • When you are being offered a work opportunity by someone claiming to be from UAE, ensure that the job offer has the words ‘ST’ followed by digits, that is the hallmark of a government-issued job offer and only a job offer issued by the Ministry of human resource and Emiratisation is considered to be valid. 
  • The job offers, as well as the employer, can be verified using the job offer number here or at the UAE embassy within your country. 
  • Remember that it is strictly forbidden to work in the UAE on a tourist visa, doing which may result in penalties and even deportation. Upon signing the offer letter, you shall receive a work/employment visa from your employer. 
  • Before signing your offer letter, ensure that your company of choice exists. You can do so here
  • Your employer is the one responsible for all recruitment expenses, hence do not agree to any employment fees, if your employer sets it as a condition, it is most likely to be a scam. 
  • There is no such thing as an independent UAE work visa, only your employer can issue a work visa for you and you may only work for the employer unless special permission is received from the MOHRE. 

Check the fees for entry permits and visas on the official website(this) to avoid getting duped.

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