U-Turn in UAE Travel Guidelines Amidst Pandemic

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Travel Guidelines  in UAE


         U-Turn in UAE Travel Guidelines Amidst Pandemic

The government of UAE was forced to modify travel procedures for people randomly entering the soil en-route the land borders.

The government has approved the amendments to the national emergency crisis and the disasters management act. This is a precaution taken to iron out the difficulties and aimed to caution people living in the borders who enter the UAE through land route.

The regulations are tightened for the safety and security of the citizens, to avoid unintended spread of dreaded virus. Adhering to the regulations has to be strictly followed by GCC citizens as well as foreign nationals.

The regulation has been in effect from the 23rd of November as people crossing borders are flouting the law while entering the country.

The citizens have to be vaccinated and undergo a PCR test with a negative report. The law elaborates on the conditions of undertaking PCR test, in view to caution different sections of the society that safety of citizens is not just the state's responsibility but it should echo in the individual psyche.

The UAE’s Federal Authority felt immediate implementation of transport and travel procedures shall curb the disaster.